We support the planning and implementation of business change to ensure you achieve your business goals.
We help firms optimise their use of people, process and technology to deliver a positive client experience
We have an outsource service to mange the recording, reconciling and reporting of your business revenues. Giving you time to focus on activities which deliver client value.
We can help with the development and presentation of your advice, investment and service propositions.


Jigsaw Tree is a dynamic and innovative business support company specialising in the financial services sector.

Our business has two key goals

To help Adviser practices improve the delivery of their client propositions…….Learn more.

To help Adviser technology providers grow the adoption of their solutions…….Explore further.

We achieve this by offering both consultancy services and an outsource solution, which are designed with your needs in mind.

How can we help?

We love to listen to advisers talk about their businesses. Tell us about your vision for the future or let us help you with some thought leadership.

With a clear picture of who you are and where you want to be, our role is help you get there.

We can a build a plan of action that can pull together technology, people and process to create a model that enables you to deliver a compelling client proposition.

Who we are

Our team have all worked in roles supporting adviser firms who want to deliver change through technology and with providers looking to deliver innovative solutions to the market.

We are specialists in adviser technology with long track records in the CRM and Platform markets and have also spent time working in adviser firms.

It is our passion for our subject and willingness not just to design change but to plan and deliver, that makes us different.

17May 2016

No matter what you are selling, your website needs to truly reflect your branding and your values.

Your website is an online version of your business and can often be the first interaction a prospective customer has with you.  If your office is modern and fresh but your website hasn’t been updated for the last 5 years then it may be time to re-look at how it is helping you get more business.

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17Dec 2015

In over 25 years working with Financial Advisers I have seen a plethora of new hardware come and go. From the first bulky Toshiba laptops to Microsoft’s first attempt at a touch interface using a stylus. None seemed to really capture the imagination of Advisers or particularly meet their needs. But is that about to change? Apple have recently launched the iPad Pro, which could be the killer piece of hardware for the Adviser community.

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