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Enterprises need to be agile and tuned to their customers’ needs. Apps have proven they can be transformative technology that no business can ignore. Dan Richards, Head of Client Services at Insight Group, shares his thoughts about the importance of integrating this technology in an Adviser business. 

In over 25 years working with Financial Advisers I have seen a plethora of new hardware come and go. From the first bulky Toshiba laptops to Microsoft’s first attempt at a touch interface using a stylus. None seemed to really capture the imagination of Advisers or particularly meet their needs. But is that about to change? Apple have […]

The activities in your business that have a detrimental impact on quality, increase the risk of error and reduce efficiency are not always apparent.  Visualising and analysing business processes will reveal your “hidden factory”.

Any business that implements a clear marketing plan will dramatically increase their chances of profitably selling more of their services. It should also stop businesses wasting time on ad-hoc marketing initiatives that do not support the overall business objectives.

This month Andy Valvona from SSP shares some thoughts on the increasingly important topic of the importance of data and management information, and how you can use this to turn to your profitable advantage.

The pace of the adviser technology market is moving faster than ever as the focus shifts to putting technology in the homes and hands of their clients.

Having a clear technology strategy is key in providing a clear and consistent client service and knowing where and how technology fits together for financial adviser businesses can be a challenge. In this piece I will outline a simple framework to help make sense of the market and create a vision of what good looks […]

Our contributor this month is Tim Boggie from Watermark Technologies. In an ever-developing technological world where cars now drive themselves and robots explore the surface of Mars, it’s remarkable that companies are still using paper-based processes on a daily basis.

This month saw one of the most significant changes in the history of Pensions. Much has been be written about the merits of providing investors with this greater flexibility and the concerns about potential scams. The focus for this piece is on what Adviser practices should being doing to ensure their operating model is optimised to […]

Our contributor this month is Jon Pittham from ClientsFirst. In the battle for the attention of your existing and prospective clients, what are you doing to stand out? How are you making sure that your marketing communications are jumping out of peoples’ inboxes, getting read and having an impact? In short, how can you make […]