This month Simran Sangha from Sammedia shares some thoughts on the increasingly important topic of adding value to your client relationships through an appealing online offering.

What’s your client engagement strategy? Do you have one? Does it include an online strategy?

Does it involve your client reading complicated valuation reports and looking at graphs of their sector breakdown?

Guess what: It’s not really that engaging is it!

In today’s ever increasingly digital world, clients expect to interact with their service providers on a regular basis online, no matter what the industry. Your clients are banking online, they are buying their groceries online, they expect to be able to deal with you online.

Traditional software suppliers in the industry are focused on building technology processes to drive efficiencies in your back office. By definition, this does not deliver a strong level of client and brand engagement that is vital in a world where we have to justify our ongoing service fees.

Moneyinfo is a client portal from Sammedia that can address many of the frustrations above and much more.

Moneyinfo can take your brand and put it in front of your client’s everyday finances such as their banking and credit cards, alongside all of the incredible financial data you hold on them.

One of its major strengths is its ability to present valuation data from pretty much all major platforms in the UK without any need to pull it into your back office system. Firms can outsource the headache of supporting valuation links and producing valuations as Moneyinfo updates all adviser managed data on your behalf on a daily basis. This is because we at Sammedia recognise consumers now want information on demand (not in six months’ time) and they want it on their phones and tablets.

The result is a visually stunning cross device client user experience, which only carries your brand, not your platforms. This avoids the need to retrain your clients when you choose to change your platform or back office provider.

Moneyinfo allows the client to complete their financial life by easily linking their non-managed assets like properties, personal finance account balances and statements. It links to over 800 online accounts in the UK, ranging from mainstream retail banks, credit card lenders, store cards, private banks, property indices and even stock broking accounts like Hargreaves Lansdown.

The holistic single client view of all of a client’s data in one place. That is the holy grail of all financial planners, well it’s here on your client’s phone. This delivers client insight on a whole new level.

Think about it … real-time, self-updating income and expenditure analysis for lifetime cash-flow analysis. We hear this is a chore to get this out of clients and quite often results in guesswork in terms of ‘where the money goes’.

As always, there is a list of things that can be added to the client portal like delivering secure messages alongside a client’s secure data. This allows advisers to send messages to individuals or groups where they are alerted that a message is waiting for them on the portal.

For firms wanting to provide a consistent branded online service  to their clients that allows them to have a single login to their entire wealth, including what they own, owe, earn and spend, Moneyinfo can deliver this along with a compelling user experience.

Advisory firms wishing to kick start their online client servicing experience could do worse than take a look at Sammedia’s Moneyinfo.

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Sim Sangha – Business Development Director for Sammedia