24May 2017

What it means for us and you 
We work with many advice firms and are continually looking at ways we can improve our internal processes and ultimately the service we offer our clients.  By being awarded the ISO 9001-2015 Certification our current and future clients can be assured that they are working with a company who continually strives for efficient working practices and professionalism.  We always want to ensure the service we provide is of the highest quality and have a clear desire to exceed our clients expectations.

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13Oct 2016

Word Cloud Business TransformationI could start this blog with a tried and tested quote about change but I suspect you have heard them all before.  What I hope will be of more interest is a framework for planning strategic change in your business.

Having worked on many change initiatives I have found that there are some consistent components to achieving success.

Introducing the 7M’s!


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17May 2016

No matter what you are selling, your website needs to truly reflect your branding and your values.

Your website is an online version of your business and can often be the first interaction a prospective customer has with you.  If your office is modern and fresh but your website hasn’t been updated for the last 5 years then it may be time to re-look at how it is helping you get more business.

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17Dec 2015

In over 25 years working with Financial Advisers I have seen a plethora of new hardware come and go. From the first bulky Toshiba laptops to Microsoft’s first attempt at a touch interface using a stylus. None seemed to really capture the imagination of Advisers or particularly meet their needs. But is that about to change? Apple have recently launched the iPad Pro, which could be the killer piece of hardware for the Adviser community.

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05Nov 2015

The activities in your business that have a detrimental impact on quality, increase the risk of error and reduce efficiency are not always apparent.  Visualising and analysing business processes will reveal your “hidden factory”.

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07Oct 2015

Any business that implements a clear marketing plan will dramatically increase their chances of profitably selling more of their services. It should also stop businesses wasting time on ad-hoc marketing initiatives that do not support the overall business objectives.

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21Jul 2015

The pace of the adviser technology market is moving faster than ever as the focus shifts to putting technology in the homes and hands of their clients.

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22May 2015

Having a clear technology strategy is key in providing a clear and consistent client service and knowing where and how technology fits together for financial adviser businesses can be a challenge. In this piece I will outline a simple framework to help make sense of the market and create a vision of what good looks like.

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21Apr 2015

This month saw one of the most significant changes in the history of Pensions. Much has been be written about the merits of providing investors with this greater flexibility and the concerns about potential scams. The focus for this piece is on what Adviser practices should being doing to ensure their operating model is optimised to manage this market development.

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