Client Case Studies

deVere United Kingdom – Achieving operational efficiency through effective use of technology

“Whilst we knew that we needed to look at how we were using technology within the business, we realised that we didn’t have the knowledge internally to be able to fulfil this piece of work.  By bringing Jigsaw Tree into the business we have been able to see straight away how their detailed knowleged of FS technology and their use of process modelling technology has had a huge positive impact on the business.  By driving the use of technology through the business, we are reaping the reward of operational efficiencies in all departments.”

Mitch Hopkinson – Managing Director – deVere United Kingdom

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deVere United Kingdom - Achieving operational efficiency through effective use of technology  

Wise Investment – Re-evaluation of business processes

“Mark at Jigsaw Tree has been great at leading us through looking at our existing processes, recording what we currently do and then revisiting them to see what needs to change to make them clearer and easier for us all. He has been the constant level headed person throughout the whole processes and is able to pick the wheat from the chaff in what we do’’

Heather Cooper-Harris – Technical Manager – Wise Investment

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Wise Invesment Case Study - Re-evaluation of Business Processes


Intelliflo – Event Management

“We had confidence in the original proposal from Jigsaw Tree having worked with them previously.  They delivered a great conference which had greater benefits than we first thought possible.  Our clients and prospects really enjoyed the event and our staff found it a very productive day.”  

Nick Eatock – Executive Chairman & Founder, Intelliflo

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Intelliflo Case Study

FiveWays Financial Planning – Strategic Change Support

“We would not be where we are now as a business without Jigsaw Tree.

They helped create a suite of standard processes and their advice has had a really positive impact on how we use technology in our business. We signed up for their outsourced Income Reconciliation service to provide us with the robust controls over revenue recording and reporting we needed as a directly authorised business.”

Jon Lawson – Director

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Greystone Financial Services – Revenue Reconciliation

“Revenue Management is the life-blood of a financial services business. At Greystone we process approximately 180,000 revenue transactions per year. Accordingly, this function needs to be robust and performed accurately on a timely basis. The considerable expertise and experience of Jigsaw Tree together with their passion for business process improvement has enabled us to achieve the benefits detailed above within a short timescale. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.”

Keith Horner - Finance Director

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Sesame Bankhall – Interim Manager Role

“By using the services of a Consultant from Jigsaw Tree as an interim manager, we gained the benefits of their knowledge and experience immediately.

They took responsibility for the teams in the deployment area and made a positive impact. We also had them involved in other projects as their skill set meant they had a wider value to SBG.”

Stephen Gazard - Managing Director

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Baggette & Co – Process Workshops

“These process workshops have been a revelation for our business. We now understand the cost/effort to deliver key services and are therefore able to focus our resources on the improvements we know will secure efficiencies for the business and add more value to our clients.

The exercise will also form the foundation of the work we are doing to align our processes with the key technologies in the business, thereby maximizing our investment in those solutions.”

Vicky Baggette – Managing Director

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