Word Cloud Business TransformationI could start this blog with a tried and tested quote about change but I suspect you have heard them all before.  What I hope will be of more interest is a framework for planning strategic change in your business.

Having worked on many change initiatives I have found that there are some consistent components to achieving success.

Introducing the 7M’s!



No project is worth the investment of time and resources without clear measures of success


Ensure there is clarity about the value this will add to your target segments or how it might allow you to appeal to different groups of customers


To win hearts and minds you need a clear message that simply articulates the case for change


Bringing people with you is the key to achieving your goals and as such they need to be motivated to succeed


Early success builds momentum and delivers the confidence needed to get through any early doubts


Capitalising on inital wins helps validate the initial business case


Checking progress enables you to evidence success and provides an opportunity to rectify what is not working


Building a change programme around this model has the potential to help you achieve your business vision.  Using collaborative software, we work with adviser firms to help them plan, execute and embed a range of change initiatives.