Greystone Case Study

Client quote

“Revenue Management is the life-blood of a financial services business. At Greystone we process approximately 180,000 revenue transactions per year. Accordingly, this function needs to be robust and performed accurately on a timely basis. The considerable expertise and experience of Jigsaw Tree together with their passion for business process improvement has enabled us to achieve the benefits detailed above within a short timescale. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.”

Keith Horner - Finance Director


Jigsaw Tree had been working with Greystone Financial Services to embed change in their organisation and following the successful conclusion of this work it was agreed to review their approach to revenue management.

The business challenges faced were:

  1. The business was not securing management information it required on a timely basis
  2. The level of resources allocated to this operational process were excessive
  3. There was a concern that they had a key person dependency risk

Jigsaw Tree conducted a full discovery exercise, which included a review of the processes and an assessment of the data within their back office system. This gave Greystone a detailed understanding of the current situation together with clarity on what management information was required.

Jigsaw Tree were then able to recommend their solution.

Jigsaw Tree’s outsourcing solution is specifically designed to address the challenges outlined. A key attraction to firms is that they are able to reallocate resources to other areas of the business, which create more client value. This option would see Jigsaw Tree take on full responsibility for revenue reconciliation and reporting.

Greystone decided that outsourcing their revenue management to an organisation with the right expertise and skillset was needed in order for the business to gain increased automation. It took just 3 months to fully implement the service and for Greystone to start realising the benefits of this service.

Key services provided

  • Database assessment
  • Review and improve revenue management processes
  • Outsource revenue reconciliation and reporting

Benefits delivered

Improved accuracy

This was gained by automating more of the revenue management processing with the key providers, whilst training existing staff on data entry in order to achieve a lower level of exceptions. These activities also ensure the integrity of data into the future.

Removal of key dependency risks

By moving this work to an outsource function, the business no longer has this risk. Furthermore it created capacity in the business, which could be allocated to other areas.

Consistent robust business processing

A review of the business processes specific to revenue management was conducted and improvements made. These not only generated efficiencies but also helped ensure that the quality of data was maintained.

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