In over 25 years working with Financial Advisers I have seen a plethora of new hardware come and go. From the first bulky Toshiba laptops to Microsoft’s first attempt at a touch interface using a stylus. None seemed to really capture the imagination of Advisers or particularly meet their needs. But is that about to change? Apple have recently launched the iPad Pro, which could be the killer piece of hardware for the Adviser community.


Advisers are great communicators and to deliver good customer outcomes they need to make the complex simple. As such their focus is rightly on presenting not producing information.  Face to face meetings are to provide reassurance and strengthen relationships, so technology needs to support this not hinder it. Robo Advice is the current focus for  innovation and while it undoubtedly has a place, there is no substitute for human interaction and this device has the potential to enhance meetings and conversations. Indeed Advisers could use the device to work on automated advice solutions with their clients, helping to streamline the process and make the whole exercise a better experience for all.

I feel the iPad Pro is arguably the perfect device for an Adviser. The speed is great so suits those with little time or patience and the large screen is ideal for presenting. Plus the touch interface is so familiar it makes sharing it with clients very natural. To deliver a great experience a product or service needs to be enjoyable, easy to use and must meet the needs of the target market. From an Advisers perspective this might just deliver on all three fronts.

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The new accessories offer great flexibility. An effective full size keyboard means it is a genuine alternative to a laptop while the Apple pencil means that for the non-typists, there is the ability to capture notes digitally and reduce paper. Plus it allows them to use illustrations to discuss technical issues, which can be extremely powerful as many of us are visual learners. Furthermore as we move closer to widespread adoption of digital signatures, it should make the process of executing such as terms of business and applications much easier. Having recently tested the pencil I can safely say it is streets ahead of other similar tools.

Finally with mobile internet access and the prevalence of home wifi, access to online services such as client portals, document management systems, planning applications and even CRM is just a touch away.

This device has the potential to be a game changer and give Advisers technology that fits seamlessly into their working practices.