Robust revenue management

Are you satisfied you are correctly recording, reconciling and reporting adviser charges?

In preparation for and following RDR, Adviser firms have built and refined their client propositions, focusing on what they do best and where they can add the maximum client value. For many organisations this has resulted in the full or part outsourcing of portfolio management services.

Are your struggling to deliver your service commitments based on existing resources?

We believe that this trend will continue as firms look to focus on creating capacity for activities which deliver client value, such as solution planning and periodic reviews. Redirecting existing resources from operational activities to more productive work can help grow revenues and improve client satisfaction. To meet this growing need we have designed an Income and Commission Outsourced Reconciliation service.

What we deliver

  1. Record

    Establish the processes and system configuration to ensure income is correctly allocated to clients and plans

  2. Reconcile

    Create bank postings, reconcile all forms of statements and work with clients to manage exceptions

  3. Report

    Scope and deliver management information packs and run period end routines


A key benefit of the service is an increase in the availability and accuracy of management and regulatory reporting.

How do we get started

We have a proven process to work with you to ensure the service is designed to meet the specific needs of your business