Sesame Bankhall Case Study

Client quote

By using the services of a Consultant from Jigsaw Tree as an interim manager, we gained the benefits of their knowledge and experience immediately.

They took responsibility for the teams in the deployment area and made a positive impact. We also had them involved in other projects as their skill set meant they had a wider value to SBG.

Stephen Gazard - Managing Director


Jigsaw Tree had been engaged by Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG) to support their deployment of a new member firm technology solution, “Practice Management”.

They were initially asked to conduct an assessment of the current program of implementation, training, support and marketing. A set of recommendations were made and a further engagement agreed, to support the business in creating a rollout strategy and a best practice firm implementation model.

These recommendations included extensive work on the implementation model to create the minimum disruption to business as usual, while at the same time securing successful adoption of the technology. An ideal program was developed, taking firms through initial set up, configuration and training.

The subsequent results saw firms secure quick wins from the new solution and a greater level of integration in their businesses. Support was put in place throughout the journey to being live and then into a business as usual environment. This was complimented through a full communication plan to keep member firms informed on project progress.

Following this work SBG realized that Jigsaw Tree were ideally placed to support the business in their wider need to control the deployment of their technology. As a result a Jigsaw Tree consultant worked in SBG as Interim Head of Adviser Technology Deployment in order to formally support the business with the member firms transition to the new technology. As part of this role a full set of deliverables were agreed where the interim delivered on these objectives, which covered such as support, training and adoption.


Key services provided

  • Interim Support Post (3 days a week for 3 months)

Benefits delivered

Expert Knowledge

SBG were able to leverage the broader knowledge of the consultant to support both this particular project and other technology initiatives. The combined understanding of what adviser firms want from technology and how to achieve successful change, was extremely powerful.

Immediate value add

By bringing in an experienced consultant SBG were very quickly able to move the project forward and meet the agreed success criteria. Subject matter expertise was matched with a track record of planning and delivering strategic technology projects.

Better firm experience

A practical benefit resulting from our Jigsaw Tree consultants’ market understanding was the introduction of release controls. These ensured a controlled rollout, which ultimately helped created a better firm experience.

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