Supporting your proposition

Advice and Wealth Management Practices

Building a technology model that enables modern advice propositions

We have a tried and tested approach that we use to support this process to ensure you have a model to succeed.

  1. Understanding

    Listening to you talk about the aspirations for your business and the market dynamics that are driving any change

  2. Assessment

    Working with key stakeholders to review how technology has been adopted and the extent to which it supports your proposition

  3. Solution Design

    Shaping an integrated model that optimizes the flow of data and enables your advisers and support team to operate a streamlined advice process

  4. Planning

    Agreeing the key milestones, and identifying the tasks together with resources required to deliver

  5. Implementation

    Embedding new solutions and refining existing systems to align them to the target model

  6. Adoption

    Helping your people secure the learning and skills necessary to maximize the solutions and processes

Making the vision a reality

With the target model clear, we can then assist in the selection, implementation, adoption and review of systems from CRM to financial planning tools and from platforms to research tools.


Optimising the business processes that are the foundation of your service delivery

We put the client at the centre of the exercise by focusing on the lifecycle of your service to ensure you are perfectly positioned to deliver the best possible experience.

Below is an illustration to show we segment the advice process and then translate the client journey into a set of robust processes with clear task ownership and alignment to the various systems.



Building best practice

Having determined the client lifecycle we build the processes that support key activities and produce diagrams to highlight task owners, systems, related documents and any dependencies. Where possible the standard processes are then used to build systematic workflows to achieve that consistency of service.

Creating the organisation structure to deliver service excellence

We help you build and motivate capable teams that are focused on ensuring the business achieve its goals through the establishment and adoption of best practice. Our support includes the tools necessary to ensure successful recruitment, talent management and staff retention.

Complimentary business support services

In addition to supporting adviser firms with build the operating model to support the delivery of compelling propositions we are also well placed to help with a range of complimentary services.


Adviser technology providers

Developing, positioning and strengthening the adoption of your solutions

Our support is predicated on a proven model that reflects the client engagement process and we are able to assist across all or specific phases of this process.








From input into propositional design to establishing the right market positioning for your offerings and from enhancing client on-boarding support to tools that reinforce strategic partnerships. We can help you increase your value, grow demand, boost new business and build long term relationships.
  1. Building key market messages
  2. Supporting proposition development
  3. Creating best practice models for implementation
  4. Driving adoption in partnership
  5. Market insight and user feedback